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+1 Zhifang Hu · December 10, 2015
I have a file, created by some other program.
It has a format like

sth unimportant
sth unimportant

a series of numbers


a series of numbers

what i am trying to do is using the ifstream function to load the file. However i am facing two problems atm
I am not sure how to find the 'keywords' using string find function.
And what i want to do is to read the values after the keywords and store them into arrays for future use.

Anyone has any suggestions?

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0 Zhifang Hu · December 11, 2015
but there is more than one '{'  and all the keywords are different to each other, they appear just once in the file. BTW, i am not sure how can i read till i find sth.
0 c student · December 11, 2015
are the keywords unique? if they are, just read words until you find the one for which you are looking.
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