Web Development using HTML

+1 Neeraj gupta · December 9, 2015
How to start website  developing using HTML 
what things need(Software and Hardware)

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0 Zelna Smith · December 11, 2015
You must learn HTML before starting into website development project. You can use after effects templates which are free and can give your website/video a professional look. Next, you should learn programming language such as PHP or ASP.NET (C#) to give functionality to your website. The best place to learn these things is W3School
0 CHARLES OKIEMUTE · December 19, 2015
i want to be good in html
+1 Jason Saggs · December 28, 2015
The text editor I use is called Brackets. Search Google "Brackets Text Editor" 
0 Mohammad Slim · December 29, 2015
There are various software you can use to develop websites, i personally use Netbeans for web development. It's user friendly and simple. You can use Notepad++, it's awesome as well. 
+3 Kaveh Greenwood · December 29, 2015
Create a folder on your desktop, start with HTML videos, then CSS videos, then jQuery/Javascript videos. Download a IDE such as Sublime Text.

Take your time, learn each language one at a time.
0 Naya Willis · January 2, 2016
editor (ex Brackets), some knowledge of html, youtube etc
0 Scott Walker · January 3, 2016
Visual Studio Communities.

It's free and is constantly updated, plus you get to start using newer technologies like MVC etc
0 Zoe Schultz · February 2, 2016
Do you know any of HTML code? If no, then, I believe you might want to check out W3Schools tutorials first and foremost, because you need to know the HTML and CSS tags because these are the basics, they go hand in hand. You'll need to learn from scratch like what types of layouts there are and basically how the elements of a web page  can be put in relation to one another... What static, fluid, responsive design mean... All these types of things.
As for software, basically you can use Notepad++ to code. The main thing is knowledge :)
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