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+1 Yolanda Turnsplenty · December 9, 2015
I am in Beginning C++ all semester I have been programming using .sln. My instructor just graded my projects and said the file is not gradable to use .cpp. Is there any one that can help me with this problem?

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0 Scott Walker · December 10, 2015
.sln is because you used visual studio. I presume that he isn't using the same IDE? one of you will have to convert the file format to .cpp
0 C C · December 21, 2015
i use default settings so your cpp file should be in Documents > Visual Studio 2015 > Projects > "your project name folder" > "your project name folder again" > and your cpp file should be there. Type should be C++ source , just right click to see the properties to check if its a cpp file
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