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+2 Lorand Nemeth · December 9, 2015
i just watched the 2nd video of java programming tutorial. But if i write "dir" then i can choose only from the C driver, how can i change to the D driver? because my files are there

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0 Gary Whitney · December 10, 2015
It's been years since I watched those videos.
If I understand your problem you want to use the CD command to Change Directory.
if your on the C: drive type CD D:

This link will come in handy
0 Nilendu Kumar · December 15, 2015
i am not able to run android studio getting below error:
"The environment variable JAVA_HOME(with the value c:\jdk) does not point to valid JVM installation"

but i have installed java & JRE in same (c:\jdk) directory....please let me know how to fix this?
0 Rosalyn Hardy · December 16, 2015
please is anyone good with selenium testing in IntelliJ?
0 Nicholas Eason · December 25, 2015
Nilendu Kumar, have you installed the JDK? If not, here is a link to the JDK for you:
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