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+1 pratt 15 · July 31, 2014
I m familiar with java programming and now i want to create softwares using java. How should i start and which IDE will be best. And i also want to ask that how the GUI program and be run as a software (unlike running it from eclipse).

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0 William Frost · August 4, 2014
For IDE I suggest you IntelliJ IDEA but if you can't run it(as me :() Than go for Eclipse. As said b4 me, even a simple hello program is a software. In eclipse you can export your project as a "Runnable JAR" so you will be able to use it without need for eclipse to start, all you need to run JAR is Java installed on your computer :)

For Gui I suggest to learn from Bucky's tuts :)

GL :)
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