need guidance about front end web development

+1 Parul Bhagat · December 7, 2015
I have learned XHTML , CSS  and Javascript and I already know C++ . What should I do to get an experience in front end web development so that I can get good jobs (since they look for candidates who have good experience)?

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+1 Jay Deshaun · December 7, 2015
You do know that "Front End Development" is a fancy way of saying you're a website designer...

I don't think C++ is need for Web Development.

I suggest you learn HTML5, only because everyone's going into it and it's the latest web development to learn; and I also suggest CSS3, it's optional but you could use more CSS3 instead of JS as some sites use JS way to much when CSS3 already provides most functionality.

Other than those then you're good enough for a front end developer.
+1 Ray LeDuc · December 8, 2015
Hey Parul, if you are serious about wanting to get into front end development I suggest you check out   . They have a structured path that will guide you into learning what you need to become a Full Stack Developer. the cost  is free 
+2 Scott Walker · December 8, 2015
@Jay Deshaun

Completely disagree with the 'Web Designer'. You're a Web Designer if you draw wireframes and little arrows that say what functionality is needed. That wireframe is then given to a Web Developer who writes the code. A small portion of a Front End Developers work is to make the site visually appealing, a lot of stuff goes on in the background that a front end developer is responsible for e.g. I'm a front end Web Developer but I write applications in C#, Java etc

Website Designer always seems a bit demeaning to me.

But essentially I agree with the rest, become good at HTML and CSS, learn JS and jQuery as you go and C# is a useful one to learn. You'll rarely use C++ unless you want to build the next Amazon :-)
0 Parul Bhagat · December 9, 2015
thank you to all for helping me out :)
0 Parul Bhagat · December 9, 2015
By the way Ray LeDuc are there any sites for learning android app development from the start like the one you told ( for front end development ?
0 Rafae Raees · December 9, 2015
You should learn HTML5 and CSS3 
0 Rafae Raees · December 9, 2015
Also you should build a portfolio for yourself so you get more experience in web development.
0 Ray LeDuc · December 19, 2015
@Parul Bhagat 

not specifically to just Android app development no, but there are a shit ton of tuts on it including here at
+1 Jason Saggs · December 28, 2015
The best way to show people how good you are is through your own website. That is what people will judge you on I believe
0 Rafae Raees · December 29, 2015
- Do your own little projects. 
- Make an portfolio.
- Take college courses
- Start a low-key business
- Learn HTML 5
- Learn PHP
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