need guidance about front end web development

+1 Parul Bhagat · December 7, 2015
I have learned XHTML , CSS  and Javascript and I already know C++ . What should I do to get an experience in front end web development so that I can get good jobs (since they look for candidates who have good experience)?

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0 axel vincent · January 26, 2016
See for frameworks and libraries. Bootstrap, Foundation, jQuery, etc
0 Parul Bhagat · January 9, 2016
Ok thanks :)
0 Rafae Raees · December 29, 2015
- Do your own little projects. 
- Make an portfolio.
- Take college courses
- Start a low-key business
- Learn HTML 5
- Learn PHP
+1 Jason Saggs · December 28, 2015
The best way to show people how good you are is through your own website. That is what people will judge you on I believe
0 Ray LeDuc · December 19, 2015
@Parul Bhagat 

not specifically to just Android app development no, but there are a shit ton of tuts on it including here at
0 Rafae Raees · December 9, 2015
Also you should build a portfolio for yourself so you get more experience in web development.
0 Rafae Raees · December 9, 2015
You should learn HTML5 and CSS3 
0 Parul Bhagat · December 9, 2015
By the way Ray LeDuc are there any sites for learning android app development from the start like the one you told ( for front end development ?
0 Parul Bhagat · December 9, 2015
thank you to all for helping me out :)
+2 Scott Walker · December 8, 2015
@Jay Deshaun

Completely disagree with the 'Web Designer'. You're a Web Designer if you draw wireframes and little arrows that say what functionality is needed. That wireframe is then given to a Web Developer who writes the code. A small portion of a Front End Developers work is to make the site visually appealing, a lot of stuff goes on in the background that a front end developer is responsible for e.g. I'm a front end Web Developer but I write applications in C#, Java etc

Website Designer always seems a bit demeaning to me.

But essentially I agree with the rest, become good at HTML and CSS, learn JS and jQuery as you go and C# is a useful one to learn. You'll rarely use C++ unless you want to build the next Amazon :-)
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