Installing Java JDK in MAC

+2 petras janulevicius · December 7, 2015
Hi guys, I'm a complete beginner at both Java and mac :ermm:

Hope you don't mind if I ask whats the proper way of installing java into the mac for this course ( @Java@) as the video is for windows : ]

Thank you very much!

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0 Jason Rebelo · December 8, 2015
Pretty easy and straight forward actually!
Just go here:
Choose the link that 's next to Mac OS X x64 (don't forget to accept the agreement at the very top of the box!). Open the file once it's done and follow the instructions. That's it. :) To make sure it's actually installed open a terminal window and type both:

java -version


javac -version

it should tell you something like java 1.8.something like so:
(note, I have java 1.7 because that's what we're supposed to use for our programs at university)

You should be good to go then!
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