Python 2.7 vs Python 3.4

+2 Doug Fresh · July 31, 2014

I'm relatively new to the forum, and I've been working with Python for a while now. I noticed a lot of people use Python 2.7, over Python 3.4.

So, how many of you all use 2.7 or 3.x, and what are your reasons? Is it an Operating System issue, or purely a personal choice? I'd love to know!


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+2 Alexander Rackliff · August 1, 2014
i'm new to python since i'm a noob I'v started with 2.7 because is has more learning resources. So i figured start there then move forward. I plan on moving to 3 once I get the basics of the 2.7.
+1 Bucky Roberts · August 6, 2014
I'm sticking with Python 1.4 
+1 Grant _ · August 3, 2014
Definitely learn 3.4.

a large reason that people continue to use 2.7 is the code base may be too large to change, or some libraries may not have support for 3.4 yet(Google App Engine would be one of these). As time goes on 2.7 will fade away, so it's important to keep up with the latest version.
+1 William Maguire · August 29, 2014
I use 3.4, but have 2.7 installed on my computer as well for anything that depends on it. 3.x hasn't been 100% adopted yet because it isn't backwards compatible with 2.x, and developers are forgivably hesitant to rewrite their software on a new platform. To put it shortly, people haven't moved to 3.x because not many other people have. There are also many libraries not updated to 3.x that Python developers want/need for their applications. I'd recommend a new programmer learn 3.4 because we need more 3.x developers to motivate everyone to switch over
+1 Alexander Rackliff · August 6, 2014
i hope Bucky does a need set of tutorials for python 3.4
0 Alexander Rackliff · August 6, 2014
i found a great guy on youtube to learn python from he has the old and the new along with alot of cool librarys for python
0 Gary Murphy · August 27, 2014
I've been using Python 2.7.8 because it was the one recommended for a course I'm doing.  It has more libraries available to it from what I've been told.
I couldn't tell you if Python 3.x is any better, but I'm inclined to believe that version 2.7 is at the moment due to the libraries.
0 ronen hammond · August 29, 2014
Python 2.7 is really easy to use .
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