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+1 Alex Smith · December 4, 2015
I'm in my final year as an undergrad with a programming project.

essentially my problem is that I have 4 integrations (solved as loops), but all 4 need solving at the same time.

m(t+dt) = m(t) + (dt * P(t))
x(t+dt) = x(t) + ((d(t) * v(t))
v(t+dt) = v(t) + dt (P(t) - P(0))
P (t+dt) = m(t+dt) / x(t+dt)

so far I have managed to get m(t+dt) out with values but without * by P(t)

Any comments or tips on how to start solving things simultaneously would be amazing! I've watched most of Bucky's series but still cant get it :( 

If I've missed something on there just say "oi its video x muppet" and ill take the hint :) 

I'm assuming I may have to set up each and a void func then complete the combinations in main()?

Thanks for reading my ramble, and huge massive thanks if you manage to understand this and be able to help, 

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0 Dan P · December 4, 2015
Hi Alex,

The question is, why do you have to solve them simultaneously?
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