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+2 Jayson fetra · December 2, 2015
I have tried to do the exact same thing with what you do in the video, and i've also checked all the script, and it is perfectly matched. yet i got an error , it is said "Unfortunately, MasterFlow has stopped". I dont know why its happend, can you pls help me?
For info, my handphone is LG G3, with android 4.4.2 APK
Could you give me the link to download your code?
Really apreciate your help

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0 Sarah Monks · December 23, 2015
I'm an stuck on the same thing. I copied the code exactly from the video and the app runs but when i click a list item it says "unfortunately MasterFlow has stopped" (MasterFlow-the name of my app)

I'd appreciate any help too :D
0 Sarah Monks · December 24, 2015
Hey.. so I got help from somebody and they spotted the error in my code.
in my fragment_webpage_detail.xml file I had <webView instead of <WebView (make sure capital W)

thought i'd share this here in case anyone else is the same so they can fix it too. :D 
0 RAKSHIT MEHRA · December 24, 2015
If you are also trying to load the url then you may have forgotten to ask the permission to use the internet in android manifest.  Use this line in android manifest:
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />
and do not forget to switch on the internet.
0 Ajay aj · December 8, 2015

Try This
0 Gary Whitney · December 24, 2015
When an app stops, DON'T close the app in the AVD.
That way the error will still be listed in the Android console at the bottom of the screen.
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