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+15 Michael Stazko · July 31, 2014
Here's my <short_version>story</short_version>

My name is Mike and a few years ago I decided I wanted to learn how to make Android Apps, so I watched the Android Developement Videos with Travis. Through those videos, I was able to pick up some basics of programming and learn Java and XML in the process. I then built some basic soundboard apps that are still doing fairly well, but I put programming on the back-burner for awhile.

Fast Forward to present>>> I'm 42, stuck at a dead end job, and am looking to change careers. Although I'm highly motivated I couldn't think of what I wanted to do. I then remembered how much I enjoyed watching the Android Tutorials and found my way back to BuckysRoom. I started with basic HTML, went through all the MySQL tutorials, Javascript tutorials, PHP tutorials, and even Algebra. I decided to parlay all this information into a formal education, and I start college again in two weeks. I live in North Texas (Frisco, TX) and there are hundreds of jobs in Software Development within 15 minutes of where I live, most of them well paying once you receive your Associates Degree. 

I want to thank you so much for your awesome tutorials. They prove that an old dog CAN learn new tricks. Hopefully I get a chance to interact with other members of this site and maybe one day work on a project (I have several ideas). Success can't be achieved unless you have good people to work with and learn from and you guys are some of the best for what you are doing. 

Going back to school is a bit daunting, especially when you're working a full time job. You've often made reference to your college days during a few of your tutorials. Could you offer a small bit of advice about going to college for Software Development? :)

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+4 Buddy Blackford · August 23, 2014
</welcome to buckys room>
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