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+1 Brendan Fulcher · November 30, 2015
I just downloaded Android Studio last night on Windows 10, and I am having some troubles. When I move my mouse around while in the IDE the different fields start moving around and over one another. I have included a link to an album of screenshots to show what I mean.  I have reinstalled 3 times and have run out of ideas on how to fix this.

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+1 Gary Whitney · December 1, 2015
I have it installed on 2 Window 10 machines with not problems.

I looked at your screenshots and never saw anything like it. They look like your are opening the IDE several times. Kinda hard to tell from the screen shots.
0 Ajayi Nurudeen · December 2, 2015
android studio is complaining of intel haxml any solution
0 Red Man · December 4, 2015
What kind of video card and is it up to date?
0 ruben forner · December 5, 2015
did u tried to restart your pc to see if it fixes?

or try to run as Admin
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