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+1 animation student · November 29, 2015
i have problem in ungrouping object.
i try to animate something.. can i ungroup in the middle of animation ( timeline)

such as in certain keyframes i start to ungrouping the object without influencing the initial situation of the object in keyframes 1.

i tried to ungroup the objects from the container but it messed up the condition of the object in in keyframes1.

sorry for the bad English.

thank you so much

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0 Tan Kean Lee · April 29, 2016
1. you cannot ungroup or group object during animating, or else it will messup.
because the animation KEY need to be record on specific object, if you ungroup or group it, the software don't know where to record/run the key anymore.

2. when during animation, instead of grouping, use hierarchy (parent-child link) to setup relationaship between each object, then only you process to animation.

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