Should do java tutorials before android?

+1 Potato Charger · November 28, 2015
Java is recommended to be learned before developing android apps. So Should do java tutorials before android or bucky takes care of both in the android tutorials?

I have watched 5 6 java tutorials and then saw random android tutorials and I couldn't connect both of those so I am confused.

Thank you.

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+1 Alan . · November 29, 2015
I have spent a small amount of time looking at Java, and I am managing quite well with Bucky's clips (up to no 16
at the moment). But I suspect that if I had spent more time on the Java the clips would make even more sense. Obvious things like a semicolon after a line and the arrangement of braces {} would be more instinctive.
+1 Gary Whitney · December 1, 2015
Learning to program in Android without learning Java first is like reading a technical manual with out knowing any technical terms relative to the subject.

You may be able to replicate someone Else's code but you will fail when you try to modify it.

You should definitely learn the basic of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and java syntax before you try android.
0 Potato Charger · December 7, 2015
Thank you for clearing my doubts.
Already on the 15-16th tutorial of java :D
0 Potato Charger · November 30, 2015
Thank you
0 ABHISHEK SINHA · December 1, 2015
I was going to ask same question. Got my answer!
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