CodeBlocks on Mac OS X

+3 Mario Balukja · November 27, 2015
Can anyone tell me how to make CodeBlocks work on my Mac or do I need to install another complier ?

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+1 Scott Walker · November 28, 2015
Just install as normal . . . I never had any issues with mine, Although make sure you disable auto complete as it causes the Mac version to crash
0 Laura Lee · December 21, 2015
Use XCode. You can download it for free from the App store. Besides Clang and LLVM are better compilers than GCC.
0 Mario Balukja · December 23, 2015
Where can i find the auto complete ?
0 Linguist Llama · December 27, 2015
Code::Blocks is not a compiler, and it isn't bound to a compiler. It's an IDE that you can configure to use Clang.

LLVM is also not a compiler.
0 Laura Lee · December 27, 2015
Linguistic Llama, anyone with a brain can interpret what I am saying implicitly. You do not need to state it explicitly.
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