Hello there
I am quite new to programming and am doing the pygame tutorial.
I am up to step 41 and have installed cx_freeze (moving the Headers .H files into the python include folder and the cx_Freeze and the cx_Freeze-4.3.4.data folder into python\lib\site-packages when I now enter import cx_Freeze no error shows up. Then I opened a command prompt into the directory where my game is and tried to do the same steps in the video to create a build folder but when the command prompt finished running the folder is nowhere and there is also no error

please help me
I am using Python 3.5 64 bit, Pygame for 3.5 64 bit and cx_freeze for python 3.5 with 64 bit

thanks joe/images/forum/upload/2015-11-25/bcb8ecc8db4e78c1d16c9ee73d3912f7.png/images/forum/upload/2015-11-25/fdf90f3a04b1d86a38969ad96af26457.png