Intel HAXM needs an intell processor.

+3 Arvind Govind · November 24, 2015
I have an AMD A8 processor in my laptop and the intel hardware accelerator (HAXM) requires an intel processor. what do i do now? please help!

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+1 Ajayi Nurudeen · November 27, 2015
thank you very much! but this anrod studio of a tin is taking too much time and data to download components
+1 Saifur Rahman Mohsin · November 27, 2015
Using a third party emulator such as genymotion is a good choice. However, I urge you to try using a real device instead as it gives better output. Connect it to your computer with USB debugging enabled and use that to see the output
+1 Savien Traliard · November 27, 2015
I had the same problem. I just installed Genymotion, which is a different device emulator. It runs so much smoother on my laptop and doesn't take 40mins+ to load up. Follow this video, it takes you through step by step: 

Best of luck! 
+1 Arvind Govind · November 27, 2015
@Myron Ortiz how can i connect my phone to connect directly instead of using an emulator?
+1 Myron Ortiz · November 25, 2015
Download and use genymotion as your emulator.
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