runtime error in a for loop

+1 Daniel Katzav · November 23, 2015
hi guys,

the deal is this, I'm scanning a input from the user, sending it to a function,
which is checking rather it is in the right conditions of how long is the string, which symbols and so on.

than i go back to the main function and i want to print it in a way like this
(user chooses how long is the string)
(index 1, index 2,....index n)

trying to strcat the string using a for loop, but somewhow it runtime errors me.

would be happy if some of you can correct me !!

thanks !!
                    printf("Enter a board: [_/\^#*]\n");
                    scanf("%80s", userboard);
                    boardlength = set_board(userboard);
                    for(i=0; i

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+1 Dan P · November 23, 2015
Hi Daniel,

Can you show the full code?
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