About AVD tools in android studio.

+1 Navee H L · November 22, 2015
sir, first i want say thank you. your youtube video for developing android app. for beginners  is very good. and i impressed after watching the video. i need ur help to develop android app.

just i installed android studio and run . when i go to run the AVD, i got error message ,   it ask for install " intel XAXM".
but i already install that. how can i fix this problem


i have upload that snap with this.

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0 Wande S-davies · November 23, 2015
HI Navel
i just overcame such problem
what i did was to 1st enable virtualisation from the startup and i download and install manually HAXM
below is the link to download
after this restart and relauch but make sure your andriod studio is update and you ve also instal the package thru sdk
0 Rutaba Niazi · November 23, 2015
goto C:\Users\Ali Khan Niazi\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\extras\intel\Hardware_Accelerated_Execution_Manager and run the intelhaxm-android. If it isn't installed, install it otherwise just click the next button and finish it
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