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+1 Samuel Famuwagun · November 22, 2015
Please I need people who I can chat with as a beginner in C#

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0 Samuel Famuwagun · November 24, 2015
Thanks so much man. I will get back to you ASAP
0 wernich wilsenach · November 24, 2015
the best thing to do to learn more is to figure out what app to write. it might not be something that will make you rich... it might not even be used by anyone but yourself.

a nice app to try would be one that would use as many of the things you've learned:
- file handling
- database
- threading
- registry access
...and more!

you can pick anything you like, like a point of sale system, a video store app or even something smaller like an app that you can use to set your network settings like proxy, ip, gateway and you might even eventually set it up to run in the system tray so that you can quickly open it up and make changes. a pretty handy app for people who tend to join various networks in a day (like technicians).

you can learn by typing out the code in the examples they give you or by the tests, but the best way is to do your own little side projects. the best thing about the internet is that if you get stuck, you can google what you want to do and not only will you find an example that does pretty much exactly what you need, but you'll most likely also find a full explanation of what's happening in the code. if you know why a piece of code works, then you'll be able to change it do exactly what you need it to.

and make notes. if you find an interesting piece of code (like how to take a photo from a database, display it in a picture viewer and then save it to file), then write it out and make notes all over it. next time you need it, flip to those pages and you'll be sorted. ;)
0 Samuel Famuwagun · November 23, 2015
Yeah wernich, I just started learning programming language and C# is my first. I have been able to learn a lot from this site but I need regular usage of this language. ( Meaning that I need a kind of exercises and possibly an practical applicaion of C#)

0 wernich wilsenach · November 23, 2015
having issues with something?
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C# is an object-oriented language designed for improving the development of web applications.