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+1 Rafae Raees · November 21, 2015
Can someone tell me what the top 10 things every software engineer/developer should no ??

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+1 Myron Ortiz · November 22, 2015
+1 on the spelling for Kayler. 

This might be off-topic but this will support Kayler on the part of solving problems. I am personally not a fan of the growing trend of everyone should learn how to code bla bla. Everybody wants to make their own facebook, websites, mobile app etc. So now they start studying programming and fail to realize that if coding was so easy then everybody would be doing it. Being a programmer requires a highly logical mind and little bit of strategy on the side. Right now we have around 9 million Java developers, and perhaps 50%-60% of those are idiots. Java is taught in most schools so every new CS, IT or any related course graduate would put this on their resume which is utterly stupid. 

1. From Kayler: How to solve problems under stressful environments(It's hard to explain to a person how hard something is when there are deadlines and if your boss isn't a tech guy)

2. Specialize in one field at a time. If you want to be a C++ developer for the first few years, that's fine. If you want to be a Web developer for the rest of your life that's fine as well. (NOBODY IS SUPERMAN)

3. Even when you have a specialty, you should have atleast an overview of other fields of software development.

4. Professional and good coding practices for your language. (You can't name everything x and y. Even the alphabet won't be enough)

5. Be up to date with the different technologies. (You're knowledge will be obsolete sooner or later with the every growing technological world)

6. How to properly document projects.

7. Ways to secure your software from any type of malicious attack

8. It's all about the user and not you as the developer.

9. Always know the market for your field. Software Engineers and Developers are one of the highest paid professionals today. (You don't want to go around coding and giving away your intellectual property for a fraction of what you should be earning)

10. Be a team player. If you think you're the alpha male and act all mighty just because you're the sh*t, you'll lose. (THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEONE BETTER THAN YOU SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD. Humble yourself and learn how to work with a team.)
0 Scott Walker · November 22, 2015
Version control
0 Rafae Raees · November 22, 2015
I understand that every software engineer should no good communication and data structures but I was wondering what technical things every software engineer should know.


- Algoriithms
- Programming languages
- Security
- Interfaces
0 Myron Ortiz · November 22, 2015
Jesus Christ. It's "know" not no. -____-
0 Scott Walker · November 22, 2015
For someone who has programmed for 3 years and is certified in multiple languages you ask very beginner style questions . . .

Being a programmer is not about knowing programming languages, it's about problem solving. The programming language is the tool to fix the problem. Take a car as an example, your headgasket has gone, this is your problem, you could use numerous tools to fix it and it doesn't matter if it is a spanner, ratchet, screwdriver etc but depending on the problem, one is probably better suited than the other.

You will need to elaborate more security, interfaces etc. It all depends on what type of programmer you want to be but I would recommend learning to use Github.
0 Rafae Raees · November 22, 2015
ok got it thanks @Scott Walker
0 Rafae Raees · November 22, 2015
@Scott Walker I want to be a systems software engineer
0 Scott Walker · November 22, 2015
I have little knowledge in this aspect, I would feel  more comfortable leaving it to someone who has meddled in C++ for longer than I have :-)
0 Rafae Raees · November 22, 2015
ok thanks any way. 
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