question about Bucky browser

+1 Akshay Pimpalkar · November 20, 2015
my browser is running but all the websites looks horrible with all blue colour with black text. Please help me why is it like that???

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0 Alejandro Karma · December 5, 2015
I cannot scroll on the right box, which is really annoying
0 Myron Ortiz · December 4, 2015
It can't display modern webpages. Try looking into the JavaFX Webview
0 Nicholas Eason · December 3, 2015
The browser isn't HTML5 compatible. I remember when I made it and thought the same way of it, upon Googling it, I figured out the thing above. Although I never did end up applying HTML5 compatibility, I added a few things and was happy enough with it.
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