Whenever I run my code there is nothing produced in my web browser. Any Suggestions?

+1 Connor O'Shea · November 20, 2015




<script type="text/javascript">
function apples (one, two){
document.write(one + "is better than" + two "<br/>");

apples("bucky", "hobart");
apples("bieber", "Jay Z");
apples("apple", "Pear");




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+1 Scott Walker · November 21, 2015

document.write(one + " is better than " + two +" <br/> ");

Made a mistake on the above (forgot the <br>).
0 Mark Merry · November 24, 2015
Check with your IT Professor for the course. I heard he is a great prof and earned an A+++++ on ratemyprofessor.com!

Not only that he has phenomenal remarks on Yik Yak!
0 Scott Walker · November 21, 2015
You're missing the + after the two in your function.

It should be:

document.write(one + " is better than " + two +"");

I've also put a space before and after 'is better than' otherwise it would be one long line of letters :-)
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