Books/courses for Android/Java with Android studio?

+1 Simon Andersson · November 19, 2015

I've recently read some books about Java and also watched youtube videos etc, including buckys tutorials.
I feel like i know the basics and can write solid programs.

Now I want to start learning how to actually use Java in order to create apps for Android. The books I have uses Eclipse to 
demonstrate and teach this. However, as far as I've understood, Eclipse is more or less outdated and starting to get replaced
by Android Studio

So my question is, what books or online courses do you recommend to learn more advanced Java and/or creating apps with Android Studio?

I've looked into a book called "Learn Android Studio: Build Android Apps Quickly and Effectively", it sounds promising.

What do you guys think?

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+1 Rutaba Niazi · November 22, 2015
practice makes a man perfect... the best option is that u should get into a software house where u'll learn more and apply what u've already learned
0 Thomas Lee · February 3, 2016
I suggest you to learn android development from a reputed institution. It can increase your career opportunities. I am working as an android developer and I had done my mobile app development course from Cestar College in Toronto, . The benefit of learning from such institution is that you can learn quickly and you will get a lot of opportunities through placements provided by them. So there won't  be any difficulty in getting a job.
0 Gary Whitney · February 4, 2016
If you want a good book, check out HeadFirst Android Studio. It has been updated for API23.
If you think you really have handle on Java then check out Ken Kousens fundamental and prictical android video courses.
All of the above are available from O' and they are DRM free. They occasionally have 50% off sales and you can get the books in PDF format.
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