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+1 Trice Colbert · November 20, 2015
I would like to develop an photo/video sharing social media app in Android Studio.  Is this a possible platform to do this in?... and do you have in pointers?

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0 Robert Yank · July 13, 2016
Android Studio is the IDE produced by Google specifically for Android. It’s free, and it comes with a large variety of additional SDKs (including an SDK manager) and a visual interface on top of the coding environment. You can also use it on MAC OSX and Linux. It is the original platform for developing native Android apps.


Wait for the updated versions;
Issues with upgrades;
So still it’s for your development team need to decide if any issues that may arise between updates and they have enough time to adjust that in their schedule or the resources they have available;
Need time to be familiar;
And the last point as if you have a development team that is not used to work on android studio, it’ll take some time them to pick the speed. check out it will help u.
0 Petter Tchirkov · April 23, 2017
Android Studio is not the best but good platform to create a social media application. 
You should with you team of developers what is the best. From myself, here are some good tips for developing an SM application
All the best
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