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+1 Pradeep Singh · November 19, 2015
Hi ... I am a new Android Developer. I have a HP laptop 4gb Ram.. i5 processor.. The system is very slow after installing android sdk.. Please let me know is there any issue with HP. Please suggest any other laptop which is good to work woth android sdk 

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0 Monty Mason · November 19, 2015
What do you exactly mean by system is very slow?

Is it your laptop that slows down completely or just android studio?

Or are you perhaps referring to the emulator in Android Studio specifically?
0 Pradeep Singh · November 20, 2015
When I open android studio it takes lot of time. After starting when i try to open activity class and later switch to xml file it takes 1-2 minutes. 

even though emulator is already open, it takes 5-6 minutes to start my application on emulator
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