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+1 Djordje Krstic · November 19, 2015
How i can write text where i want? 

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+1 Aju Antony · November 23, 2015
@Scott Walker, bump +1 :)
+1 Scott Walker · November 20, 2015
  <p> <h1> I am text at the top of a page </h1> </p>

Use CSS for any styling needs if necessary.
0 Aju Antony · November 19, 2015
Can you elaborate your issue please :).

you can basically write 'text' anywhere you want using HTML. I am unable to understand your issue, please tell us more so that we can help :D

Happy Coding :D
0 Djordje Krstic · November 20, 2015
When i write text in header 1 (h1) ,that go on the top of page.  :D
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