Anyone have any good SEO tips?

+6 Bucky Roberts · July 30, 2014
Anyone here have any SEO experience? This site is in need of some and I am not very knowledgeable about it at all. Any tips or suggestions on things I can do for the site? It seems like Google hates BuckysRoom right now :(

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+1 Neil Cannon · February 22, 2015
Lets blitz google with buckys room search!
+2 Boris Jelic · February 16, 2015
I asked the same thing for my site but for some reason that post was deleted.

There is another very good site for SEO similar to the one which Shamal Sandeep mentioned. I did a lot of things, but it is necessary to do more so I decided to ask here for additional assistance.
+1 Boris Jelic · February 16, 2015
And the other site is I forgot it.
+2 Shamal Sandeep · August 31, 2014
Take a look at this bucky! Great! It will give you an complete list of errors and warning, also how to fix them!
+4 Brandon Elliott · August 2, 2014
An improvement regarding SEO on this site would be the use of "pretty permalinks" for example: profiles might be something like

and forum topics (such as this one) might be something like:
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