We need those downvotes back.

+7 Source Slayer · July 30, 2014
So it appears the downvote button is not clearly visible. It looks as though it's gone, in fact. We need it back. Let's be honest, this place isn't the greatest. It has a lot to improve, a lot to be better. One of the things we need is the ability to be negative. If we're afraid of offending someone's feelings, we should remember that someone shouldn't be posting content if they can't take criticism.
Hopefully we could use it "correctly," not simply downvoting posts because we don't like them but choosing our votes based on quality. Still, the option is better than none. Sure, you may even dislike this post and want to downvote it if you're the type to have it for posts you don't like, you may want to downvote this, but you can't simply click the button anymore. This is an issue that should to be resolved.

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+1 Bucky Roberts · July 30, 2014
I just did it because they looked weird, especially with the new forum layout and icons. Also, they looked pink until you clicked one which made the color scheme odd. If we have down votes again, it will probably be an arrow or something other than a red thumb icon. 
0 Source Slayer · July 31, 2014
I guess you fixed it? I removed display:none from it and changed it to have thumb-down class instead of thumb-up and it looks perfectly fine, at least to me.
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