Anyone who has successfully completed 'Node.js: Real Time Chat Application'?

+1 Ronald McCarty · November 16, 2015
I'm on the 4th video of the series, #inserting data and i'm stuck here from quite a long time.
I've tried seeking help from various forums around the web and couldn't find no luck. 
Any one with expertise in this particular project?
I need some guidance, i'll share with code and error messages.
I really need this to work.

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0 Ronald McCarty · November 18, 2015
So no replies, huh?! So does that mean nobody completed the project or people are just ignoring this post?
Nevermind fellas, I completed the damn thing on my own.
Guess, i am the only one.
You the man, Alex.
If anyone needs help with this, i'm here.
0 Justin Heinrich · January 7, 2016
Where do you find that video series? I've completed node js for beginners and Id like more material to learn from
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