Hey tnb  users, I am a long-time tnb user and has been using it since the days of the original website back in 2009. However, I have only recently made an account. Yeah. Time flys bro. I got kicked out of lynda due to password resets acting up so. I thought I could be with you guys in this small neat community. Well eh, me? Oh right introduction. I'm just gonna be open-minded so here we go. Well I'm Flames, (this is not rping) my host has a few "disorders" autism and mulitple personalities. I hope you guys aren't like 4chan and will accept us here. Our host is a high school freshman looking to gain knowledge for Linux & Windows. You'll get to know our host and me over time when we go out of our fear zone. Anyway thanks for taking the the time to read this. I hope to meet you guys in the future. Peace and good (night,day,evening,morning,etc). -  Flames & our Host