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+1 Tom Call · November 15, 2015
hey guys im on 29th lesson and it goes fine and i understand everything but there is a lot to remember..

lots of attributes properties and values to remember. so i can finish that course and forget the most..

is there any why u guys recommand me to practice? (im doing the same as buckey does at the same time he explain)

and truly i passed more than a half and it still doesnt seems like a normal webpage can bulit with this knowledge..

i mean i can finish this course today but why should go on to the next course -javascript(as told here) i your arent a Pro yet on html css?

thank for your answers!

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0 p s · November 17, 2015
Macklemore said "The greats weren't great because at birth they could paint.  The greats were great because they paint a lot."

You are right why move on if you haven't mastered but I think the next steps are going to help you practice html as well as learn javascript.
  In addition to listening to Bucky's tutorials it is important to type it out I think rather then finding the code already written in my opinion. 
Also,  there are lots of books and resources out there.  Try reading a good design book like Data Structures and Problem Solving with ...
0 Rafae Raees · November 17, 2015
What I do at the end of each tutorial I print screen it and save it and after like 10 tutorials I go back and type all of the tutorials and memorize them this is the way you should learn programming languages.
0 Tom Call · November 18, 2015
I'v just finished the course 

I'll try your advices,i hope

Thanks guys..
0 shipra kaul · December 15, 2015
It would be great to type it out and learn module by module in order to be well versed with the course. Taking screen shots of each module and then going back to check whether you remember stuff would work in your favor too.  
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