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+4 Brendon McBain · July 30, 2014
On this forum you can thumbs up your own posts. 8-)

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+3 Pere Garau Burguera · July 30, 2014
On BR you can be friend with yourself, so why not being able to thumb yourself up? :)

The only thing you can't do is vote yourself. BR is different, and that difference is what makes it cool ;)
0 Brandon Elliott · July 30, 2014
I think it should either be removed, or add the ability to easily see who liked the post.

If not, people will just abuse it which will ultimately give ratings no actual merit
+1 Brendon McBain · August 1, 2014
Another idea would be to use the ratings to categorise the users on here, for example:

  • 0-50 - Noob

  • 50-100 - Super User

  • 100-250 - Extreme User

  • 250-500 - Master

  • 500-1000 - Bucky's Assistant

+1 Brendon McBain · August 3, 2014
@robert I'm not sure what you meant by your posts. I wasn't calling anyone a noob, just putting my idea across to you guys that we could have a ranking system using ratings! :)

@linguist Another unnecessary, and unrelated, comment by you. Please talk about the actual post people are writing. Just to be clear, this forum section is called "Site Suggestions," and I believe this is one... In general, I do agree with you though.
+1 Brendon McBain · August 3, 2014
Ahhh, I see what you mean now. Yes, that's a good point, and leads me to this revised version of the idea: Maybe we can get ratings/points for answering someones problem in a question & answers section of this forum, that would base your category by knowledge, as you mentioned.
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