there is a lot to remember

+2 Tom Call · November 15, 2015
hey guys im on 29th lesson and it goes fine and i understand everything but there is a lot to remember..

lots of attributes properties  and values to remember. so i can finish that course and forget the most..

is there any why u guys recommand me to practice? (im doing  the same as buckey does at the same time he explain)

and truly i passed more than a half and it still doesnt seems like a normal webpage can bulit with this knowledge..

i mean i can finish this course today but why should go on to the next course -javascript(as told here) i your arent a Pro yet on html css?

thank for your answers!

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0 Tom Call · November 18, 2015
can u give me example for a site of yours when u just got started?

and a up to date site of yours so i can get to proportions
0 Rafae Raees · November 18, 2015
Ok, do u want code for a site when I just started programming the main page ? 
0 Tom Call · November 29, 2015
thanks buddy
0 Tom Call · November 19, 2015
yeah sure.Thanks By the way
0 Rafae Raees · November 19, 2015
<doctype HTML>
h1 {text-allign:center}
h1 {color:red}
p {color: blue}

0 Rafae Raees · November 19, 2015
Sorry it's not that great I just thought of it out of the blue right now. 
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