there is a lot to remember

+2 Tom Call · November 15, 2015
hey guys im on 29th lesson and it goes fine and i understand everything but there is a lot to remember..

lots of attributes properties  and values to remember. so i can finish that course and forget the most..

is there any why u guys recommand me to practice? (im doing  the same as buckey does at the same time he explain)

and truly i passed more than a half and it still doesnt seems like a normal webpage can bulit with this knowledge..

i mean i can finish this course today but why should go on to the next course -javascript(as told here) i your arent a Pro yet on html css?

thank for your answers!

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+1 Rafae Raees · November 17, 2015
You should take a print screen of all of the courses and save them in a folder. At the end of the tutorial go back to those screen shots and try to memorize them. At the end, program you're own site and publish it. Then manage that site make it better. When you feel comfortable with XHTML and CSS go on to JavaScript.

That is what I do and now I am certified in a couple of programming languages. 
0 Myron Ortiz · November 17, 2015
Have you ever considered making your own site? That's actually the best way to learn. When I was studying different languages, I made sure that I was going to work on some sort of project. That's when you start to know things by heart. :)
0 Rafae Raees · November 17, 2015
That is exactly what I do too @josh Boongaling
0 Tom Call · November 18, 2015
thaths seems like a good idea. THANKS
0 Rafae Raees · November 18, 2015
lol buddy w3school sucks ass they don't teach u like bucky teaches u. 
0 Myron Ortiz · November 18, 2015
@Kayler is right. Once you keep using it, you'll get to know things by heart. 

I wouldn't say w3school sucks. Even though it doesn't tackle everything, it's a great place for reference.
0 Scott Walker · November 28, 2015

I know that this is a little late mate but better late than never!!!!!!

Start with a wireframe, this is essentially a sketch of your site, think about what you want it to look like etc.

Then take some time to plan it properly, look at the elements and think about how you would build that.

Personally, I start the code by putting the frame of the website together and then give each a bright background colour. Does it look right? if not, change it!!!!!
Then build your content around the frame, images, text etc.

Bear in mind, this is how I build them, each developer will have their own preference but for me, the planning is just as important (if not more so) than the code.

Hope this helps
0 Scott Walker · November 28, 2015
And I agree with Kayler, you don't need to learn to memorise, you need to practice as often as possible. Doing this will keep it in the forefront of your brain and you won't need to think about it, it will just come naturally and if you forget, look at W3schools but remember they're not tutorials, they're standards.
0 Tom Call · November 18, 2015
but when you wanna build a site..where do u start?

with what?

do you actually write a sketch before u start  or what?
0 Rafae Raees · November 18, 2015
Yes you should design the website before you start a sketch could help. When I write websites I sketch out each page on the website.
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