help in end semester project

+1 anonymous anonymous · November 14, 2015
can anyone give idea of what to make in project   using c language in end semester project?

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+1 siddharth pal · November 17, 2015
I'm working on college management. It's easy and simple. :)
+1 H. P. Lovecraft · November 17, 2015
HTTP server
+1 Eryk Humberto Oliveira Alves · November 21, 2015
My uni project was:
Simulating the queue of a cafe.
It's very challenging. If you want I can send you the code.

Another more challenging is a Genetic Algorithm. 

A simpler one but very good is creating a Word Game, or a Minesweeper, or TIC Tac Toe?!
0 anonymous anonymous · November 23, 2015
eryk humberato oliveria can u send the code?
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