Java or C#

+1 j bella · November 14, 2015
Hi everyone! I am new to the room and also to programming. Having had just a taste of Java and C# so far, I have my theories on which is 'better,' but I would love to get feedback from more knowledgeable devs out there. Great to be here, this looks like a fun place! ~ j

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+1 Otto Von Chesterfield · November 14, 2015
If you want to get the best out of Microsoft, use C#. If you want to make programs for other OS's, use Java.

C# uses Microsoft's .NET framework as well as other features. However, it is still cross-compatible due to what's called the Mono Project - though it's not by Microsoft... and it's third-party.

IMHO, I've really only gone deep in Java. I'm just starting in C#, and it looks fun as well!
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