Can not connect to smart phone w Android Studio

+1 Gary Armstrong · November 14, 2015
I have a new Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime running Android 5.1.1. My Dell Windows-7 64-bit sees the phone but Android Studio does not see it? I have installed the Google USB via the SDK manager etc, I went to the Samsung site and tried their USB driver V1.5.45.0?? nothing seems to work.

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0 Monty Mason · November 18, 2015
Have you enabled developer options on your phone? (Under Settings > About Phone, tap the Build Number 7 times)

If so, have you enabled "USB Debugging" under developer options?

If that is done as well, when you hook up your phone to the computer. Go to command prompt and make your way over to the directory (using the command "cd [file path of abd file]") where the abd file is stored. Should be under: Android_SDK > Platform-tools.

Once you're there, run the following command: abd devices

When this finishes loading, it should list all the devices that are being currently read by Android Studio (includes the emulator).
0 Albert Kleiner · November 15, 2015
You enabled developer mode on your phone?
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