I need help can't find the Java and Android tutorials..

+1 Andon Hoxha · November 12, 2015
Hello all how are you? Can someone help me with the videos that Bucky made because the Chanel on youtube was terminated and there was the last place i was watching them.. 

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0 Michael Myslicki · November 13, 2015
Yeah I'm not sure if we were watching the wrong channel, or what...
But I found a "TheNewBoston" youtube account. 
Here's the playlist with Bucky. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAbQgLGKd3Y&list=PL6gx4Cwl9DGBsvRxJJOzG4r4k_zLKrnxl&ab_channel=thenewboston
0 Michael Myslicki · November 13, 2015
0 Michael Myslicki · November 13, 2015
0 Evgeny Chulak · November 13, 2015
Hi Andon,

Here is the link to the first tutorial:

0 Gary Armstrong · November 14, 2015
I was in the middle of watching one and it was stopped . I rec'd a message saying the series was being canccelled due to multiple copyright infringements.
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