+1 NAGISA FURUKAWA · November 12, 2015
I am given this task to  implement a game using java RMI

its called 
Shared Fly Hunting Game via Java RMI (20 P.)
The GUI for the client should be Swing based.
Use the Model-View-Controller pattern e.g. changes to window size should

not delete the model etc.

and  generate a working Ant script starting two clients and a server
can some one please tell me how to start 
i am a newbie into  java and MVC   and confused :unsure:

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0 NAGISA FURUKAWA · November 20, 2015
No actually i was talking about setting model-view-controller architecture but i have submitted the assignment anyways
0 Gary Whitney · November 17, 2015
By MVC, I think you are asking how to get data into an Activity context (display).
If I am correct then check out  tutorials 45 to 54.
Listview widget displays a list.
List data can come from:
1. String reference.
2. An Array
3. A cursor tied to an SQLite DB
4. A content provider.
Each of the above is progressively harder to implement because more concepts and redirection are involved.

I am an amateur  myself.
I am only on 3.
0 NAGISA FURUKAWA · November 15, 2015
hi thanks for the information ,

yeah its a group assignment and im trying to work on it 
0 NAGISA FURUKAWA · November 15, 2015
Also can u let me know how do i set up separate MVC one for client and one for serveR?
0 Gary Whitney · November 13, 2015
This request covers too many advanced topics for a "newbie". Maybe you are a CS major with a background in C# or some other language.
Note: "20P" seems to indicate you have a book. Start reading, talk to other students.
I will be very surprised if you get the help you are asking for from a website, because it would be a big time suck.
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