The program stores 10 pre-created answers as constants.
The user is asked to input a question.
The program randomly selects one of the pre-created answers.
If an answer has already been used by the program, the program continues to randomly select an answer until it selects an unused answer.
The answer is output.
The question-response cycle happens 9 more times.
When the program is finished it prints out a farewell.
The input algorithm, answer selection algorithm, and output algorithm are to each be contained in separate individual functions. The farewell algorithm is to be contained in a separate module. The functions and module will be called by a main function.
A premade random function called from a utility library is to be used to choose random answer selections.
No global variables are allowed for this program.
Communications between functions will be accomplished by passing arguments to parameter variables by value as necessary.
Functions will return values as necessary.
Do not use arguments passed by reference for this assignment

I jsut would like help starting I think it would be a great video to make on explaining how?