+1 Tyler Crawford · November 11, 2015
Hey guys I'm following his video, the name of the image i downloaded i renamed it ex1 and its a JPEG

I saved it in the same file as the website I'm building, here's my code can you guys help me out? Thank you in advance and thank you for your time!

<!DOCTYPE html> 
<style type="text/css">
h1 {color:#00BFFF;text-align:center;}
background-image: url("ex1.JPEG");
<h1>Revenant Organics</h1>
<p>All of our products are made from 100% pure organic ingredients. </p>


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0 Rafae Raees · November 17, 2015
instead of background-image try:

background:image url("ex1.jpg")
0 Rafae Raees · November 17, 2015
If that doesn't work I can't help you try what @kayler Renslow
0 Steven the awesome · November 11, 2015
What is exactly happening?
0 Miss Protocol · November 11, 2015
is the image in the same directory with your html file ?
0 Abdullah Akyel · November 12, 2015
It's better to use an external file for your css code. It's more structured.
And make an images map for your images.
and try this.
background-image: url("images/ex1.jpg");
0 Tom Call · November 15, 2015
i guess its just JPG instead of JPEG

you can see the file extension at right-click properties.

it will be ex1.JPG
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