My professor for my second level Java programming class offered this extra credit problem.  I am passing the class, but I really have no idea what i am doing at all lol.  The professor has a thick accent and I have learned the little amount of Java I do know from Bucky's tutorials.  If anyone wants to conquer this and post the code, that would be really nice.  Here are the instructions:

Text file numbers.txt contains 1000 integers vary from 1 to 100. You need to

1. Use an ArrayList (Required) to store all integers. If one number appears multiple times in text file, only save the first
occurrence in the ArrayList.

2. The output should be saved in one txt file called results.txt

There should be a column for the Number and a column for the Occurrences.

Numbers 1 to 100 should be in the first column in the order of appearance. Second column presents the occurrence times of the corresponding number.

(Since I can't list 1000 integers on this post, I guess just make a list of numbers that have a few re-occurrences to test it out.)