What security field are you interested in?

+8 Bucky Roberts · November 9, 2015
Just wondering which security field you guys are interested in?

  • Wireless / WiFi

  • Network Security

  • Encryption

  • Malware

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Social Engineering

  • Other

For me, I love reading about almost every field, I'm still a newb on reverse engineering though. The only thing that I don't read too much about is social engineering. I hate that name too, it's not really "engineering" as much as it is just "lying". Still an important field of study though (since people are always the biggest vulnerability).

What about you guys?

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+3 Jagdeep Matharu · November 9, 2015
at this point of time, Wireless/WIFI and Encryption
+1 jaja jaden · November 9, 2015
Network Security
+1 Naseer Jabarkhail · November 10, 2015
wireless/WIFI and Encryption
+2 Miss Protocol · November 11, 2015
anything related to security and hacking i study them :)
0 P T · November 12, 2015
All of them ;)

But if I  have to pick a few it would be:

  • Encryption (Symmetric as well as Asymmetric)

  • Network Security

  • WiFi

...and in that order.
0 Daniel M · November 17, 2015
Malware and Social Engineering
0 Leon Lauritsen · December 6, 2015
Wireless / WiFi so its hard to track and individua and network security and encryption
0 Damilola Kolawole · December 7, 2015
Network Security.
0 K D · December 7, 2015
I personally find them all interesting but I am mainly interested in how malware, encryption, and reverse engineering work.  I really hope to one day get the CEH certification.
+1 Fourth Sailor · December 18, 2015
Reverse Engineering

Security & Encryption


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