What security field are you interested in?

+8 Bucky Roberts · November 9, 2015
Just wondering which security field you guys are interested in?

  • Wireless / WiFi

  • Network Security

  • Encryption

  • Malware

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Social Engineering

  • Other

For me, I love reading about almost every field, I'm still a newb on reverse engineering though. The only thing that I don't read too much about is social engineering. I hate that name too, it's not really "engineering" as much as it is just "lying". Still an important field of study though (since people are always the biggest vulnerability).

What about you guys?

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0 David Iruafeimi · April 23, 2017
Reverse Engineering and Malware...
0 Shahar Dagan · January 18, 2016
Encryption&&Wiireless /Wifi&& Network Security
0 Gamal Moneep · April 23, 2017
Reverse Engineering
Web Application Security
0 Mustafa Kemal · February 29, 2016
network security and reverse engineering.
0 Cryce Truly · April 28, 2017
WIFI Security
0 Akshay Saini · December 22, 2016
Cryptography and Reverse Engineering
0 P T · November 12, 2015
All of them ;)

But if I  have to pick a few it would be:

  • Encryption (Symmetric as well as Asymmetric)

  • Network Security

  • WiFi

...and in that order.
0 Lion Rock · March 18, 2016
Am Interest in Networking Security and Wireless/WiFi security......
Thanks for the tutorials man...Buck is Awesome..Truly Awesome!!!
0 John 18 · March 18, 2016
  Any Chance you  will be adding an online chat ?
0 shah jee · August 14, 2016
I think wifi and reverse engeneering are really interesting.Please make tutorial on reverse engeneering cz i think it really need a deep knowledge of backward language.Please please make some tutorial on assembly language and how to crack any software or make patches.Also you need to focus on web security and make in-depth stuff on this topic.

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