Quick Guide - How to Stay Anonymous

+6 Bucky Roberts · November 9, 2015
You are never 100% anonymous, but if you do this then it will be VERY hard to track you. This is usually WAY overkill but here you go...

  1. Download TAILS (Linux distro) on USB drive

  2. Go to a garage sale/flea market and buy laptop with cash (hardware backdoors not linked to identity)

  3. Go to library and boot up laptop with TAILS (put black tape over webcams before you turn it on)

  4. Setup Bitcoin wallet

  5. Use localbitcoins or some other method to purchase Bitcoin with cash

  6. Go back to library and use TAILS to tumble Bitcoin

  7. After that, purchase VPN with temp email and Bitcoin (identity will remain anonymous)

  8. Setup VPN (this will encrypt all data)

  9. Buy a long range WiFi antenna and amplifier (3w is good power)

  10. Use this instead of laptops built in NIC and you will now be able to discover and connect to WiFi networks from a distance (hiding physical location)

Bonus: Spoof MAC with macchanger

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0 Leon Lauritsen · December 6, 2015
What do you mean by "Hardware backdoors not linked to identity"? and how do you create a temp email?
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