Configuring Andriod Studio - installling packages

+1 Kezia Matthews · November 9, 2015

I am new to Andriod app development. I saw the tutorial for the same on youtube and followed instructions for downloading and configuring my laptop for the same.

In the tutorial, it was I was asked to Run Andriod Studio as administrator and the to click on Configure and was told that packages would be installed; to be specific the tutorial showed 9 packages. But, in my installed version, it does not show "Install 9 packages", instead the button " Show package details" is shown. Does this mean the required packages are installed or not installed? What should I do if the required packages are not installed or how do I check, whether the required packages are installed.

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0 satyansh amarnath · November 10, 2015
install all the packages since installing all the package will not effect the processing speed of cpu neither it will effect your work on AS
0 izhar amazai · November 12, 2015
click SDk manager then click " launch standalone SDK Manager " and then click install packages . 
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