What should I learn next?

+2 Ivan Kušaković · November 9, 2015
Hi people,

Soon I am finishing listening to this course,
so I wonder what should I learn next on this site?
Is it a HTML5 or right away Javascript, or smth else?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards!

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+2 Abdullah Nauman · November 14, 2015
Learn JavaScript inside out now. Then move on to jQuery or AngularJS and then learn Ajax. After that you can use NodeJS, and code fully dynamic web applications.
+1 Rafae Raees · November 17, 2015
First JavaScript than HTML5 

p.s If you start HTML 5 bucky says to learn XHTML CSS and javaScript First
+1 tom golan · November 9, 2015
Javascript, then HTML5 and then JQuery 
+1 tom golan · November 12, 2015
I don't really know but you can find a way to send bucky or one of the moderators a message, they will tell you.
0 Jeff the Killer · November 9, 2015
html5 then javascript
0 Ivan Kušaković · November 9, 2015
Jeff the Killer, it's not good to learn that order.
If you click on HTML5 course Bucky will tell you that you should learn Javascript first.
I found that after I posted a question.
0 Ivan Kušaković · November 10, 2015
Thanks very much Tom!
0 Ivan Kušaković · November 10, 2015
When is time for Ajax?
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