Problem with Python Interpreter

+1 Yann Guerin · November 9, 2015
When i tried to create a new project on PyCharm and i have to select an Interpreter there are none to pick. I dont know what to enter and this is preventing me from starting my project. Please help. 

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+1 Owen Connors · November 9, 2015
If you installed python click the cog next to the interpreter drop down and navigate to the python.exe inside your python installation
0 Owen Connors · November 18, 2015
go to %localappdata%\Programs\Python\Python35 it should be there, or possibly c:/Python35
0 Yann Guerin · November 14, 2015
When i look for python.exe in the cog next to the interprter drop down i am unable to find it. I went to my program files and found a jetbrains folder but when i clicked on it, it wouldnt open or show me anything. 
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